Cashless Hospitalisation


  • Patient Insurance Information database: Patients with Medical Insurance or Medical Reimbursement who should undergo daycare procedures or any eye surgery are registered for Health insurance details, The details would include Name, age, ID number, Policy number, Nature of illness, Diagnosis and Treatment to be given and estimated cost of the procedure or treatment with patient declaration of medical insurance scheme of respective insurance company.

  • Pre-Authorization Request: The Clinical information of the patients along with their mediclaim policy details are forwarded to the respective insurance / corporate either by fax or online system for the prior approval of patient's treatment in our hospital. necessary documents for the same to be brought by the patients.
  • Authorization: After the pre-authorization request has been sent by the hospital to the respective insurance / corporate, it takes a minimum of 24 hours for the hospital to get the approval or authorization for the patient's treatment. For planned surgery or treatment the hospital treat the patient, only after the approval from the insurance / corporate. Incase of emergency the patients are admitted and the same will be informed to the insurance / corporate at the earliest. 

    The Staff members of the Corporate relations department interact and coordinate with the respective insurance / corporate and companies for further clarification or explanation. After the approval from the insurance / corporate, the patient will be informed the same accordingly.

  • Treatment: Cashless hospitalization and treatment are provided to the patients only with approval of the company. Patients should sign necessary documents to facilitate claim processing for the hospital. Patients who don't get approval due to some reason stated by the insurance company are also treated under general patients category without Cashless hospitalization benefits.

  • Claim processing: Prasad Eye Hospital has developed a checklist of documents to be submitted for each insurance / corporate for fast claim processing. This cashless facility available at Prasad will create expeditious and hassle free facility for admission as it is recognized by all the insurance and leading corporate companies.


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